A Doctor’s Appointment, Trip to the Store and Halloween! No Kidding!!

I took the day off work today.  It was time for The Mister to go to see his diabetes specialist in “the big city”.

Taking him on ANY venture outside the house is difficult.  We have to be sure to pack the medication bag which holds his insulin pump supplies and meter and supply of food items to raise his blood sugar, including bottles of orange juice.  And, since he is on the insulin pump, we have learned the hard way to be sure to take a new catheter.  AND we can’t forget the tool used to insert the catheter into the injection site.  We did that too.  Had the replacement catheter only to find that we had no way to insert it into him!  The catheters can be pulled out very easily and quicker than the blink of an eye!  The last time it happened in public, he had hit a small capillary that was a bleeder and he was starting to look like someone had shot him.  That little pin hole caused him to squirt blood like he was a fountain.  Tends to be a tad on the embarrassing side and also alarms those people around you who do not understand what is happening.

Nonetheless, his “diabetes bag” was packed.  His portable oxygen tank was filled.  Last night I made sure that his wheel chair was on charge so it would be ready when needed.  And, we left on our trip to see the doctor.

There is a LOT of road construction around our small little town.  And, he always likes to throw my sense of knowing where I am by the landmarks around me.  Rather than taking the usual road out-of-town toward the city, he thinks he’s gonna be a smartie pants and venture out of the norm.  Joke was on him!  Where he intended to turn onto the road that we would have been on had he just gone the normal way, he found that the highway had been closed.  Oh, wonderful!  Now which way?!  Well, he had to drive 20 minutes more to wind around country roads that I had never seen before and guess where we ended up?!  Right exactly where we would have met the highway we needed if we had just taken the way I wanted to go!  Needless to say, he had to hear about the fact that he never listens to me!!  :)

Once at the hospital where the doctor is located, it was necessary to unload the wheel chair from the ramp, take the chair to his side of the truck, arrange the oxygen tank and get him settled into it, and while he went rolling off into the building, I was still putting the ramp up, getting the diabetes bag and my purse and felt like I was about a block behind him.  (Now you see why my heading also says Don’t Worry About the Mule, Just Load the Wagon.  I am the mule!

The visit with the doctor was good.  His insulin regime is going to change quite a bit and hopefully eliminate the lows that he has been having lately.  We left the hospital to return to the truck and the process of dealing with the wheel chair was reversed.  Loading it is always so much harder than unloading.

Off to the bulk grocery store to buy his highness’s’ breaded hot pepper cheese cubes.  He has been craving them for some time and this store is the only one in our area that has them.  While there, I decided I would be a smart cookie and also get some of the paper products and items I will need when I prepare my side of the family’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  Might as well get them now than run all over the place the week before the holiday, right?

Now, I have a huge pot of chili soup cooking on the stove in anticipation of our grandchildren dressed up as whatever they are going to “be” for Halloween.  We are the last stop for them, which means they are usually all angry with each other and the costumes are itchy and generally removed by the time they get here.  But, they get a nice warm bowl of chili AND candy!

I know that this is November 1st and Halloween is supposed to be over.  But, the midwest was hit by a severe storm on the 31st, so the Powers-That-Be decided to change Halloween and move it to tonight.  Sissy’s.  We used to go on the Halloween trek each year in the rain, shine, snow, freezing cold…no cancelling it for us when we were kids.  Guess they figured we had enough common sense to know when the weather would be too bad to venture out.  Nowadays, people must be told…it’s going to be nasty out, so we think you shouldn’t go out and you aren’t smart enough to figure that out for yourself, so let us help you!  Guess the Powers-That-Be are now trying to be our parents.

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