Swarm – Photo101

Once again, better late than never…right?

The photograph below was taken during harvest time this fall.  While looking through recent photos to find something (anything!) to resemble a swarm (since I immediately thought of a swarm of bees or other insects), the way the dust was flying around the corn and tractor definitely resembled a swarm!  What can I say?  I have an overactive imagination sometimes.

Hope you enjoy!


A Fleeting Moment – Photography 101

This is my take on the fleeting moment action shot for the assignment that was two days ago.  Boy, it doesn’t take long to fall behind!  Life gets in the way..as does the unusually cold weather in our area for this time of year.

Taken in the few short hours of fall weather that we had, this is a photograph of my dog, Abby, running back to me in anticipation of getting her reward for pooping!  I know, TMI, right?

Abby Running

Architecture – Photography 101

Temple 1_edited-1

The assignment for today in the photography 101 course is Architecture.  I love the look of the older buildings and the intricate designs and workmanship that went into building these beautiful buildings.  I think it is so sad that most of our historical buildings in our little town have been demolished in favor of the square, flat-roofed buildings that makes the town look like a lot of various sized cracker boxes.

This is my first attempt at black and white also.  It really makes the shadows and bricks stand out in more details, but I did lose the rust that appears on the pointy things on the corners (anybody know what those are called?).  Maybe when I learn Photoshop a LOT better I can go back and add that beautiful rust back in.

I hope you enjoy the photo.

A Pop of Color – Photo101

Purple flower

Alright.  I admit that I did not take my camera outside and look for “pops of color”.  It is very, very cold here, snowing and blowing and wind chills in the low 20’s, and I’m not going to go outside in these conditions unless it is an emergency.

The flowers in this photo were from my dad’s flower garden.  He was so proud of them and they were gorgeous.  I happened to have my camera with me that day and snapped several photos.  This one showed the contrast between the three colors perfectly.

Mystery – Photo101


My post for the assignment “Mystery” was not quite as difficult to do.  I took this photo on 9/27/14.  I was trying to get the beautiful sunset from the road.  However, when I processed the picture, that strange white ‘thing’ showed up.  It is not my shadow.  Some are telling me that it is the reflection of the setting sun on the tar shapes in the roadway.  I don’t quite know what to think it may be.

It remains a mystery to me!

Warmth – Photo101

Once again, I have fallen behind in my work, all the way around.  I struggled with this assignment.  Not sure what I was to be doing.  Being camera illiterate for the most part, I am still trying to learn the features my camera has!  I also was not sure if I should post a photograph taken with the light facing it in one way and then again as I moved my position.  Well, I opted for this photograph to display the lighting and shadows and warmth.


This was taken as I peered between the bars of a walking bridge across the river.  I’m too short to be able to see over the top of it!  The trees were just starting to turn and I was intrigued by the way the tree line cast shadows on the water and the various plant life (and debris) showed the depth of the light reflection.

I hope that this is what was wanted for this assignment.



This photograph was taken a few monthsago (back when it was warm outside).  It is in a small park close to where I work.  The sculpture is supposed to represent the blades of grass that line the river bank which is directly behind the tree line.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I ‘get’ it or not.


CONNECT — 11/10/2014


In this age of the internet, cell phones, iPads, Facebook, etc., etc., etc., our world has indeed gotten smaller as our ability to connect to each other has evolved.  It never ceases to amaze me that words can come across the fax machine, which is a telephone line, or that I can send a picture via my cell phone to someone on the other side of the world!  For that matter, through this blog I have connected with people in Ireland, Canada, England, Africa and the list continues to grow.

But, are we really connecting with each other? REALLY connecting?  I don’t know how you each feel about it, but I know myself well enough to know that I tend to feel less connected to people now than I did ten, twenty years ago.  Instead of picking up the phone and calling someone to talk to them, we send a text message.  It is quicker and a lot less personal. Gone are the days of the handwritten letter.  Even most Christmas cards are now embossed with our names on them so we don’t even have to sign them…if we send that at all.

We had a family gathering over the weekend to celebrate a granddaughter’s birthday, and as I watched them all, each had their cell phone in front of them, answering texts and writing some.  A phone would make a sound and everyone, myself included, would check their phones to see if they had a message!  There would be little conversation, but lots of clicking. Were we texting each other across the table rather than talking to each other?!

We may be “connected” through this wonderful technology we have, but I see a lonely leaf clinging desperately to stay connected to the branch of a tree.